Quality Policy

MPR as a workbench machining, and mold maintenance company, has the commitment to constantly improve the quality of its processes, products, and services as a management priority. In this context, the MPR Administration undertakes to maintain a Quality Management System based on the following commitments:

Customer Focus:
Investing in the optimization of infrastructures and technologies appropriate to its activity in order to guarantee customer satisfaction and, consequently, compliance with the applicable legal and controlling requirements.

Business Results:
Achieve sustained and profitable growth, adopting commercial consolidation strategies and penetration into new markets.

Employee Engagement:
Encourage active participation and accountability of all employees in the implementation of the Quality Management System, valuing the updating of their skills.

Continuous Improvement:
Continuously improve the efficiency of Quality Management System performance through measurement and monitoring of processes.

We believe with the stated principles we can achieve and maintain quality standards in all activities in order to generate value for all stakeholders.